What we are doing to address COVID-19 concerns

  • The health and safety of our staff, volunteers, and visitors is always of the utmost importance to our organization
  • To keep our food bank and visitors healthy throughout this time, we are following all outlined measures by our local public health including frequent hand-washing, sterilizing work environments, and social-distancing when possible
  • We have extended our hours to avoid overcrowding, temporarily changed from shopping model to hamper model to minimize time spent at the food bank, and are providing additional food resources to clients to reduce frequency of visits
  • If required, we will deliver to clients who are unable to safely pick up their hampers provided we have 24 hours’ notice

How this impacts our families and our food bank

  • Even under normal circumstances, individuals and families living in poverty do not have access to sufficient income for their basic necessities, like food, personal care items, or medication on an ongoing basis. This makes purchasing extra supplies or stockpiling food impossible.
  • With the emergence of COVID-19, The Hunger Stop is facing a surge in demand, as people living in poverty try to access the resources needed to self-isolate, practice social distancing, or follow the directions of public health.
  • As a result, our food bank’s resources are being depleted far faster than they are being replenished and most of our volunteers are in the higher risk group (60+) which means several are removing themselves from the front line for their safety.