CHRISTMAS in JULY is a new initiative this year at The Hunger Stop. It will kick off on Canada Day, and wrap up on Saturday July 14.

We hope to shift some of the enthusiasm and focus from Christmas to mid-year, in order to help us balance our donation year and provide for our clients during our toughest months. With school out for the summer, the breakfast, lunch, and snack programs are no longer available which, quite often, means an increased use of the food bank. The same people who are hungry at Christmas time face empty cupboards in the summer!

Providing a mid-year campaign also eases the burden in our warehouse in November/December and makes it easier for you, our donors, to organize your 3rd party events. Summertime offers sunny weather and isn’t overwhelmed with the same social, financial, and time pressures which come into play during the holiday season (and we won’t even talk about driving).

What we have planned so far:

  • We have a Santa for the Canada Day festivities at Riverside Park July 1st from 1pm-3pm (you might even get a head start on the “list”).
  • We have a 12-days-of-Christmas jingle (performed by the Carleton Place town’s people) with food donation suggestions.
  • We’ve reserved the mayors to help gather donations from Patrice’s and Mitchell’s Independent Grocers on July 7th from 10am-2pm (let’s see who is the better schmoozer).

What you can do:

  • Make a reverse Advent calendar basket for us.
  • Hold a raffle or some other event for us.
  • Challenge other businesses to raise food/money with bragging rights to the contest winner.
  • Etc.

So let’s enjoy some of the fun and excitement of Christmas during the carefree days of summer!