During the course of the year, we will also be attending a few local events in our catchment area simply to be a “face” and to be part of the community. These are not fund/food raisers for us – they are awareness raisers. It is important that our community knows about us so that we can help our community.

There are many amazing happenings in our catchment, but we are only able to attend a few.

Bridge Street Summer Fest (formerly Bridge Street Bazaar)

  • Where: Carleton Place
  • When:┬áSaturday, August 5th

North Lanark Seniors’ Expo

  • Where: Almonte
  • When: Thursday, September 7th

Lanark County Harvest Festival (formerly Beckwith Harvest Festival)

  • Where: Beckwith
  • When: Sunday, September 10th