Our Academy was developed to help our young folk understand what the food bank does, how it does it, and why it does it. It is very poplular with school groups, scout groups, church school groups, hockey teams, and we even had the town council participate once.

We only schedule one per month and spots fill up quickly. Email Tammy at LCFB.TheHungerStop@gmail.com or call 613-257-8546 to set up a time for your group.

How it works …

Groups are divided into sub-groups and each sub-group goes to one of the stations. After 10 minutes at a station, a bell is rung, a completion sticker is given, and everyone moves to the next station. We have 6 stations:

1. Help Families. This explains why there is a food bank and who we help.

2. Receive & Check Food Donations. The participants check various cans and boxes to see if they are safe and suitable to put on the shelves for our famiilies to take home.

3. Remember the Pets. The participants split up big bags of pet food into smaller portions for the cat and dog members of our families.

4. Handle Food Safely. This station is about how to handle food safely and split items like rice and coffee into individual quantities.

5. Provide Non-food Necessities. This station is about making garbage bag kits – it’s harder than you think.

6. Stock Shelves. The participants learn where to find the food items to stock and face the grocery shelves.