We will keep this updated as often as possible to reflect the needs of our families as they arise. Financial donations / gift cards are also welcome so that we can continue to provide the perishable items to our families (e.g., milk, eggs, cheese, fresh fruit, yogurt, meat).

We cannot accept home-made, opened, or expired food.

All donations are welcomed, however, we cannot accept expired, opened, or home-made food. If your family enjoys it or uses it, so will ours. We often have a need for certain items, depending on the month or season.  Here’s our most recent top items we need to replenish our shelves at the food bank.

            • Boost/Ensure
            • Cat Food (dry)
            • Cat Litter
            • Dog Food (dry)
            • Coffee (instant & ground)
            • Rolled Oats
            • Hot Chocolate
            • Orange Pekoe Tea
            • Mustard / Ketchup / Mayonnaise
            • Coffee Whitener
            • Facial Tissue