We cannot accept home-made, opened, or expired food.

  • canned peas or mixed vegetables
  • boxed mac & cheese
  • juice boxes (apple or grape)
  • cake/muffin/cookie mix
  • mayo
  • canned tomatoes
  • mushroom soup
  • Mr. Noodle packets
  • sugar
  • Boost/Ensure

We will keep this updated as often as possible to reflect the needs of our families as they arise. Financial donations / gift cards are also welcome so that we can continue to provide the perishable items to our families (e.g., milk, eggs, cheese, fresh fruit, yogurt, meat).

All donations are welcomed, however, we cannot accept expired, opened, or home-made food. If your family enjoys it or uses it, so will ours. We often have a need for certain items, depending on the month or season.