Show Mom Some Love on a Shoestring

Being broke is no reason to skimp on mom this Mother’s Day. It can be discouraging to not have the cash to send her bouquets or take her out in style, but there are ways to express your love and gratitude for such an important person that won’t cost a thing.

Do Nothing: Seriously. Don’t ask for things, don’t leave messes, don’t make noise. Less can really be more for a mom who tends to do a lot for other people.

Unplug: Lives are busy. Give mom and the family your full attention. Leave the screens behind, silence the cell phones, and ditch the handheld games. Not easy for many, but one day is manageable. Be completely present and for the day.

Leave Her Alone: Some moms want to be surrounded by their kids and spouses. Some would love a little solitude. If the mom you’re celebrating falls into the latter category, then give her the peace and quiet she needs. Leave the house, or let her spend the day doing whatever it is she wants to do…alone.

Flaming June

Sleep: Moms of younger families might especially relish this one. And remember, Mother’s Day starts and ends at midnight. So if you have little ones who wake up in the night (or excruciatingly early), kick the night-time parenting into high gear.

Tell Her You’re Happy: It’s safe to say that moms worry about the safety and well-being of their kids and family often (ok, always). Let her know that you’re doing great and what a big role she’s had in that.


Image: Flaming June by Sir Frederic Leighton, 1895. 

Featured Image: 4 MOM by Jason Wong at Friends of Type

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