Missie Moo — Gwynenth Paltrow $29 a week for Food Challenge — The Reality of the Results

Gwyneth Paltrow threw in her organic cotton towel after 4 days, but Missie Moo shows us what $29 of food really looks like (and it doesn’t include 7 limes) and what it takes to make it work.


 Gwyneth Paltrow bailed on the $29 dollar challenge..This is our person of the day Missie.. She took the challenge. Here are her results:


Missie has also given up shampoo and see what she uses now.. Really interesting blog.

Take it away Missie

Poverty is no laughing matter. Its not a game. Its not a joke and its not always something you can help. All too often I hear…I couldn’t do it. Yes you could. If you had too.

Hearing people say we need to teach the poor about nutrition also makes me feel like this

How about we have some common sense and make nutrition cheaper? Theirs a classic idea!

I went to my local stores and bought 29$ worth of food for a week to help the non prepared people learn how to live poor in case they ever fall upon hardship. In case…

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Could You Live on $29 a Week?

What would you buy to feed yourself for a week on $29? Would 7 limes be on your list?


Gwyneth Paltrow, Oscar winner and lifestyle guru announced on Thursday that she will valiantly attempt to exist on a very non-Goop budget this week by subsisting on $29 worth of groceries.

Why ? Because her friend, chef and former Food Network star  Mario Batali, who is also a member of New York City’s Food Bank board, challenged her to complete the #FoodBankNYCChallenge. The challenge encourages people to spend only $29 on groceries all week to bring awareness to New York City’s food pantries, which received a a surge in traffic once congress cut food stamps benefits.

This is what she bought for a week for $29.

Seven limes????

It’s well and good to try anything for a short period of time but at the end of the week Paltrow knows she can go back to the way thing’s were. Poor people don’t have that luxury and being on food stamps…

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