Food Bank Recipes: Eggs

Cooking interesting meals with limited ingredients can be challenging. Though one can survive on pasta five nights a week, it’s nice to mix it up and bring a little variety when possible. With our Tasty Tuesdays, we will provide easy meals using ingredients you can typically find in a food hamper. Today, we present two delicious and fast egg-based meals. Continue reading Food Bank Recipes: Eggs

5 Foods Worth Buying at the Dollar Store

Food prices vary greatly. What you pay for a bag of groceries at a high-end specialty gourmet boutique is quite different from what you’d pay at a discount chain grocery store, even for the exact same product. Well, same applies to the dollar store. Now, there’s food there I would advise against if possible…the peanut butter and knock-off chocolate bars are definitely not worth it, in my experience. There are some things worth grabbing for only a buck or two, however, and these are our top 5. Continue reading 5 Foods Worth Buying at the Dollar Store

Eating Seasonally: Winter Fruits and Veggies

Grocery stores are wonderful for providing nearly all produce year round. For those of us dealing with short growing seasons, this means access to delicious fresh food any time of the year. We have regular access to sweet peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, mushrooms and apples, just to name a few. Continue reading Eating Seasonally: Winter Fruits and Veggies