10 Last minute Valentine’s Gifts from the Dollar Store

Maybe you’re on a budget, or maybe you just forgot, and all the florists are sold out. Whatever the reason, there are some sweet finds at the dollar store that will make your Valentine smile.  Easy, fast, and inexpensive doesn’t have to equal disappointing. Many of these gifts are great for men, women, kids, or friends…whoever your Valentine is!

10 Last Minute Gifts from the Dollar Store

1) Window and mirror graffiti: grab a pack of dry erase markers (they come in lots of different colours) and write and draw your affection on the bathroom mirror, the kitchen window, or any other glass surface your sweetie is bound to look at. For major impact, get every window you can reach and maybe even the windshield, if you have a car (that isn’t under 3 feet of snow). The marker wipes right off.

2) Deck of playing cards: With a little modification, you can transform a deck into a sweet book of love. Make a mini-book, and paste little pieces of paper onto each card with something you love about that person. Can easily be adapted for platonic relationship like teachers and best friends.

you smell good

3) Candy bouquet: Grab all his or her favourite candy, make “flowers”, then arrange them in a vase, or just tie them together and hand them over. Candy could be switched out for savoury treats if your special someone doesn’t have a sweet tooth. A beef jerky bouquet would go over very well in some houses.

candy bouquet

4) Say-at-home movie date: Microwave popcorn, soda pop, jujubes, a video, total darkness, and some cuddling on the couch. You could make it really authentic by asking a friend to talk loudly on their cell while sitting behind you.

5) Home made heart t-shirt: Coloured shirt, spray bottle, card board and/or bristol board, scissors, bleach. Make a stencil and “spray paint” it with the bleach, or paint directly on the fabric. Experiment and you could make some really cool designs.


6) Pink baked goodies: Basic chocolate chip cookie mix, red food dye. What could be easier? Also doable with white cake mix or crispie rice squares. Who’s hungry?


7) Pampering basket: Facial mask, bubble bath, candles, nail polish…or whatever your person likes. Throw them into a cute basket and take the kids out of the house.

8) Puzzle Card: An old puzzle or any puzzle you’re not attached to will do. Find two pieces that go together, flip them over, paint them red (or not), glue them a few millimetres apart on a card or frame them (also from the dollar or thrift store). Use text or not. Simple and romantic for the person you just “fit” with.


9) Cleaning supplies: No seriously. But not for your other half. The division of labour is different in every house, and if you live with your sweetie, and they usually do the bulk of the chores, take over for the day, or just let them come home to washed dishes and floors. If you don’t live with them, but have access to their place, the same applies. A little tidying can go a long way for people after a long day (especially if there are kids within a 10 mile radius). Even when both people share the work, taking on something that the other usually does is a wonderful way of saying, “I’m grateful for you”.

10) Stress balls: OK, these might not be romantic, but the world doesn’t stop for Valentine’s day. If someone you care about is pulling double shifts, has a demanding job (that includes parenting), or is staying late a lot, then chances are, they’re feeling some tension. These little babies are portable which makes them ideal for commutes, coffee breaks, desk jobs, child-rearing, and customer service. The fact that they can be made for pennies is also relaxing.

stress ball

So, hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s day, no matter who your Valentine is (even yourself). As always, please add your suggestions for other great last-minute gifts.

Celebrate all the love you have!

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