5 Multitasking Medicine Cabinet Must Haves

One way to save money is to invest in items that can pull double, triple, or duodecuple duty. Today we’re going beyond bandages and painkillers to present some other pharmacy favourites that can stretch your dollar by doing the work of 10 of its neighbours.These next five items can improve health in multiple ways, and often, even help out around the house.

1) Peroxide: Did you know that hydrogen peroxide can do a whole lot more than disinfect that paper cut? Apparently, it makes a decent mouth wash, tooth whitener, hair highlighter, mould killer, laundry stain remover…and dozens more useful things. Never swallow peroxide, though, and if you do use it in your mouth, rinse well afterwards.

hydrogen peroxide

2) Rubbing alcohol: Again, great for disinfecting your wounds (ouch!) and relieving sore muscles, but in the bathroom alone it can be used as a deodorant, wash mirrors and faucets, disinfect make-up brushes and earrings, and even reduce the symptoms of cold sores. It’s got plenty of uses around the house too.

rubbing alcohol

3) Baking Soda: There are literally hundreds of uses for this stuff. Buy the store brand and save a couple bucks on a large box and use it in ways you never imagined. Deodourising and scrubbing are pretty well-known uses, but did you know it can soothe sunburns and clean your toothbrush? How about as a shampoo or antacid?

baking soda

4) Sea Salt:  A good salt-water gargle will stop a sore throat in its tracks. Double your anti-cold and flu efforts by using salt water as a nasal rinse. You can prevent colds and flu, or if they’ve already taken hold, shorten their duration considerably.  This is only the tip of the rock salt, however. There’s easily dozens more uses.

sea salt

5) Honey: OK, you might not want to keep this in your medicine cabinet, BUT, it is good medicine. It’s a natural cough suppressant that’s safe to give to kids to help them get through the night a little better when they’re sick. It can be applied to cuts and scrapes like any antibiotic cream, and can take the edge off of a hangover. It can even clear up a parasite problem after that tropical vacation. The darker the honey the better, and local, raw, organic stuff is about as good as it gets. Unlike the items above, good honey can be a pricey purchase, so go for it if you can, but if not, get the best you can afford. There’s much more to honey than a sweet treat!


This is only a short list, of course. And, as in every situation where one’s health is involved, be sure to check with your health professional with any questions. What other hard-working supplies are items no medicine cabinet should be without?

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