Kitchen Scraps Casserole

kitchen scraps casserole

"Casserole" generally describes a dish cooked in one pot or dish – the fewer dishes the better! This recipe includes foods that you likely have on hand to make a quick, nutritious, delicious and low-cost meal. Mix and match the ingredients to get a different meal each time! Think about what ingredients you would like to add and how they … Continue reading Kitchen Scraps Casserole

9 DIY Cold and Flu Fighters

Late winter is tough on people. Our vitamin D supplies are all but depleted, making us grumpy and tired. Folks on a tight budget are fed up with being cooped up, and shovelling snow is getting really old. To top it all off, cold and flu season has us fighting clogged sinuses, runny noses, aches … Continue reading 9 DIY Cold and Flu Fighters

5 Multitasking Medicine Cabinet Must Haves

One way to save money is to invest in items that can pull double, triple, or duodecuple duty. Today we're going beyond bandages and painkillers to present some other pharmacy favourites that can stretch your dollar by doing the work of 10 of its neighbours.These next five items can improve health in multiple ways, and often, even … Continue reading 5 Multitasking Medicine Cabinet Must Haves

Food Bank Recipes: Valentine’s Edition

Being on a tight budget can make it difficult to celebrate special days, but we've found a yummy and decadent dessert that is easy, inexpensive, and sure to please any sweet tooth. Fudge Crinkles Ingredients 1 box Devil’s food cake mix ½ cup vegetable oil 2 eggs ½ cup icing sugar or regular sugar  Directions … Continue reading Food Bank Recipes: Valentine’s Edition